Create Config Template


Configuration Templates provide a way to apply a set of configuration properties to multiple objects.

Configuration templates and WLANs are generally only configured once during the organization setup, thus don’t need to be created via scripts.

Create Config Template


  1. Navigate to Organization > Config Templates to create a WLAN Configuration Template.

  2. Click the Create Template button and supply a template name.

Add WLAN to Template


  1. Click the Add WLAN button to create a WLAN within the configuration template.

  2. Enter the SSID, security settings, and other WLAN configuration details.

  3. Click the Create button to create the WLAN within the configuration template.

  4. Apply the WLAN Configuration Template to “Entire Org” and click the Save button.

  5. The new template now appears in the list of configuration templates.



  1. Update with your Mist API Token and Mist Organization UUID.

  2. Modify to add your own configuration template and WLAN monitoring, to ensure they match the expected configurations.

  3. Run the Python exercise to fetch your configuration template and WLAN. This can be run daily to sanity check these global configs.