Client Location


In this exercise you will:

  1. Establish a secure WebSocket connection to the Mist cloud.
  2. Subscribe to WebSocket location updates for each client type.
  3. Display the client X/Y map location updates as they are received.

The following endpoint is used for all secure WebSocket connections:

  • wss://
Client Type Channel Documentation
BLE Asset /sites/:site_id/stats/maps/:map_id/discovered_assets
SDK Client /sites/:site_id/stats/maps/:map_id/sdkclients
WiFi Client /sites/:site_id/stats/maps/:map_id/clients

Mist Web UI

Navigate to Location > Live View and select the map to see the location of the following clients:

  1. WiFi clients
  2. BLE assets
  3. Mist SDK mobile apps


Run the following exercise to establish a WebSocket connection and receive location updates for each client type: