Test Google API Key


In this exercise, we will test your your Google API key by using the Geocoding API in the browser.

Test Google API Key


  1. Go to https://google-developers.appspot.com/maps/documentation/utils/geocoder/ and search for “Tower at Cityplace (N Haskell Ave STE 250, Dallas, TX 75204)”.

  2. Click the Geocode button, and see the visual representation of the Google Geocoding API response.

  3. Click the JSON link to open the API response as a JSON object.

  4. You may see an error message indicating the API requests are being rate limited. Notice the URL does not include any Google API key in the query string parameters.

  5. Add your Google API key into the URL as a query string parameter. This will use your API key to call the Geocoding API and return the JSON response object.