Delete PSKs


In this exercise, we will learn how to delete objects by UUID.


First, we need to create some Pre-Shared Keys.

Update with your Mist API Token and Mist Site UUID, then inspect psks.csv; this defines the set of WLAN Pre-Shared Keys that will be created. Update the CSV file with the desired PSK details:

Name SSID Passphrase VLAN ID Client MAC
Name for the PSK WLAN SSID this PSK should be applicable to Passphrase for the PSK (8-63 characters) VLAN for this PSK (optional) Client MAC Address this PSK ties to (optional)

Next, edit the exercise to perform the following additional operations:

  1. Delete one single PSK by UUID (already done).

  2. Delete remaining PSKs.
    Hint: These can be bulk-deleted, rather than individually deleting by UUID.

We will be using the Mist “PSKs” API to delete the Pre-Shared Key:

API Name URL Documentation
Delete PSK /api/v1/sites/:site_id/psks/:psk_id
Delete PSKs /api/v1/sites/:site_id/psks