Create WLAN


A WLAN (Wireless LAN) defines a wireless network that is announced and provided by an Access Point.

A WLAN’s configurable properties include:

  1. “SSID” network name
  2. WLAN Security settings
  3. WLAN enable / disable
  4. Radios channels (2.4 / 5 GHz)
  5. VLAN settings
  6. Rate limiting
  7. Band steering
  8. Roaming mode
  9. QoS settings
  10. Guest portal settings
  11. Time-of-day scheduling
  12. etc.

Mist Web UI


  1. Navigate to Network > WLANs to view the list of WLANs for a site.

  2. Click the Add WLAN button to configure a new WLAN.

  3. Set the following basic WLAN settings and click the Create button.
    a. “SSID”
    b. “WLAN Status”
    c. “Security”

  4. The new WLAN will now be displayed in the WLAN list.


Run the below exercise to create a new WLAN using the Mist API.

Refer to the Mist WLAN API documentation: