Update WLAN


The configuration settings of existing WLANs can be changed using the “PUT” and “POST” methods.

We will be using the Mist “WLANs” API to create and update a WLAN

API Name Method URL
Create WLAN POST /api/v1/sites/:site_id/wlans
Update WLAN POST /api/v1/sites/:site_id/wlans/:wlan_id
Update WLAN PUT /api/v1/sites/:site_id/wlans/:wlan_id

Refer to the Mist “WLANs” API documentation for a description of each configuration property:


Update main.py with your Mist API Token and Mist Site UUID created inearlier exercises, then use the “POST” and “PUT” methods to make the following changes:

  1. Create WLAN.
  2. POST to change SSID (removes other configurations).
  3. PUT to change security mode (other configurations remain in-tact).

Observe the differences between the API request and response payloads for each operation.