Create RF Template


RF Templates provide a way to apply a set of radio configuration settings across an entire site or organization.

The RF template settings are used by Mist’s cloud-based RRM (Radio Resource Management) feature to provide optimal radio coverage across a set of access points.

Create RF Template


  1. Navigate to Organization > RF Templates to create a new RF template.

  2. Click the Create Template button and supply the template configurations.

  3. Click the Save button to save the new template and display the list of all RF templates.

  4. Open the new RF template and copy the RF Template UUID from the URL. This RF Template UUID will be used in later exercises.


Update with your Mist API Token and Mist Organization UUID, then run the Python exercise to interact with the terminal to:

  1. Create an RF Template.
    Optional: Write your own code to customize the template.

  2. Get the list of RF Templates.

  3. Assign an RF Template to a Site.