PSK Management


Managing WiFi client access is easy using Pre-Shared Keys. Automate the creation and deletion of PSKs to make it even easier.

Endpoint Documentation

Pre-Shared Keys support the following values:

Name Type Description
name string A name for the PSK
passphrase string Passphrase of the PSK (8-63 character or 64 in hex)
ssid string SSID this PSK should be applicable to
usage string Multi (default) / single
vlan_id int VLAN for this PSK key
mac string If usage==single, the mac that this PSK ties to. Empty if auto-binding



  1. Update with your Mist API Token, Mist Org UUID, and Mist Site UUID.

  2. Inspect psks.csv; this defines the set of Pre-Shared Keys that will be created. Update the CSV file with the desired PSK details.

  3. Run the script to interact with the terminal and import your PSKs.